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Technology must be viewed as a force once and for all since it creates brand brand brand new opportunities for individuals in addition to an even more successful culture.

look at this this test paragraph:

Perspective 3 states that, “Intelligent devices challenge our longstanding concept of exactly what humans are and that can be.” I agree using this concept. In 2014, a terrible tragedy took place through the Boston Marathon. Two bombs went down near the conclusion line, and three individuals were killed. A large number of everyone was also hurt, and several also missing limbs. Nevertheless, with brand new improvements in technology, lots of the victims had the ability to take advantage of high-tech prosthetics, which permitted them to return to lives that are normal also perform sports. This “pushes people and devices toward brand brand brand new possibilities” (Perspective 3).

There’s nothing terribly incorrect using this paragraph. It’s grammatically correct, clear and concentrated, and utilizes one of many perspectives that are outside help.

Having said that, it features brief, declarative statements, and relatively small variation that is stylistic. There’s also only 1 transition (“however”), and attitude 3 is definitely fallen in to the paragraph with very little introduction. Læs resten